Sunday, 26 June 2011

Through the years: The many looks of Stella Hudgens! :)

So I decided to dedicate a blog post the amazing style of Vanessa Hudgens' lil sis Stella.
She may only be 15 but she knows to dress her body and what works for her and what does not! She has a bohemian/rocker flare to her style.
Stella's staple fashion must for summer is... high waisted shorts!
Stella will often wear heels/wedges with her high waisted shorts.
Even  going to the gym with her family and friends Stella can make her workout clothes look so cute.
Here are pics of Stella's amazing style from 2004-2011 :)








No matter what Stella maybe doing fact is she always stays true to who she is and what she likes. Stella has always been my style inperation next to Vanessa and its obvious that Stella will often borrow Vanessa's clothes as sisters often do. 

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zahid bin abd rahim said...

they look cute and lovely together and they look almost similar <3