Thursday, 30 June 2011

The many looks of Gina Hudgens

You may not of thought that the mom of Vanessa and Stella Hudgens would have been dedicated a blog post for her style well think again, Gina Hudgens may be an older woman but that does not mean she has to dress old for age. Gina has a very unique style she dresses according to how old she feels on the insides which is a young woman and I hope to be dressing like I'm still a young girl when I'm her age. I admire Gina so much for raising to gorgeous children and having them be in the public eye and for making sure the fame does not get to their heads. So yea this blog is dedicated to Gina's many outfits wether its getting coffee with the family or at an event with Vanessa Gina always manages to dress the correct way to fit in with what she may be doing. Here is a look sat the style of Gina Hudgens from years 2006-2011 :)








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