Monday, 24 January 2011

Dress Like Ness

So for my first blog post,I am going to be talking about a forum that is a very big part of my life. Its called Dress Like Ness which is a fashion forum for the amazing style of Vanessa Hudgens! It it run by my amazing friend Abby14 and my other other friends are staff members,Stacey and Sarah! So yeah if your a fan of Vanessa Hudgens you should check out the forum,it's full of friendly people from all over the world,I definitely consider them like to be my second family.But if you like other celebrity's style,the forum does have a section for any celebs style you could think of. So you should drop by the forum and check out the amazing work these people have put into it. I love my DLN family <3

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rachael xoxo said...

Yeahh we love DLN! Great blog Melissa, keep it up girly! xoxo.