Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bohemian fashion 101

Hey its Melissa,This blog entry is going to be all about what I think bohemian fashion is.Boho fashion originated in the 1960s as the "hippie" era.

One: I think the most important rule of this fashion trend is you've got to be comfortable and confident in what you're wearing.

Two: This fashion trend is certainly all about layering pieces together such as long necklaces,bracelets,rings and so on. The more that is layered the better!

Three: This trend is also about mixing different colors,prints,fabrics and styles

Four: Boho fashion is NOT just for the summertime, it can be carried through into the colder months as you can layer the scarves and jackets,also you can get to wear your fashionable boots.

Five: This trend is NOT just about the clothes and accessories,it's also about the different hairstyles such as braids. The braid has be reborn from the classic beach waves to the braided up-do as made famous by Nicole Richie,Vanessa Hudgens and so many other A-listers!

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