Sunday, 4 November 2012

Nail Trend: stiletto nails

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I have decided to do some nail posts every once and awhile to change it up instead of just being about what I've been buying recently.  I thought I would start my first nail post off by talking about a nail trend that people will either love or hate... but I personally LOVE it and you may have see it featured on many of your favourite celebrities from Rihanna to Adele, the nail trend I am talking about is MINI STILETTO NAILS.  


As shown above I recently gotten my own set of mini stiletto nails, I absolutely LOVE them even more now I've gotten used to them but at first I highly recommend the mini stiletto nails over the original stiletto if you want something different from what everyone else is having done. I like most people got them done for Halloween as I think they're very vampire inspired. Instead of going for just the plain old boring one colour I decided to add another nail trend by having my ring fingers a different colour than my other nails, as you can tell hopefully in the picture I went for black and then gold for my ring fingers.  

Mini stiletto nails have been seen on some of the worlds most famous celebrities including: 



Katy Perry: 


Lady Gaga: 

Vanessa Hudgens:  


Miley Cyrus:


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