Thursday, 16 August 2012

The recent and future purchases of a shopaholic...

Hey, So I'm sure you've noticed by my past blogposts I'm addicted to shopping and to be honest this blogpost is no different... I've recently just purchased 2 items but as the serious shopaholic I am, I'm already thinking what I want to purchase next and I thought it would be a good idea to share what I'm purchasing and I hope some of you might want to purchase it too if you like it. 

The items I recently purchased are: 

The House Of Harlow1960 Mint Green Pyramid necklace:

This necklace is the perfect accessory to any outfit even its just a plain black or white outfit to a more colourful piece of clothing, this necklace is sure to get you noticed, people will want to know where you got it from. The best thing i find about Nicole Richie's collection is its price friendly, this necklace only costs £45/$75 for a high quality piece of jewellery, I think its a bargain. 

The last item I recently purchased is this gorgeous Cleobella back. This backpack has been see on actress Vanessa Hudgens at this years  Coachella Music Festival, This backpack is certainly a MUST for any fashionista, This backpack is perfect for a music festival just like Vanessa is carrying hers or its also perfect if you have lots of things carry and want to be hands free, its not only fashion forward its also very functional as it features a with a large body, a bright ikat design and a colourful drawstring closure with fringe detailing. 

You can purchase this back here: 
for only $139.00/ £83.40 

Vanessa was also recently spotted at Outside lands Art and Music Festival in San Francisco,Calif on August 11th. 

 NastyGal blouses:

Goddis "Leona" cardigan: 

You can buy the cardigan here: 

Future purchases: 

I've been wanting the  JJ Winters navy mini fringe bag for as long as I can remember its, the perfect size if you don't have carry more than your essentials with you or to take to a music festival with you just like actress Vanessa Hudgens is doing in the picture above. You can purchase the bag at The Trend Boutique for only $179.00. 

The Litter sf Christo gold garter is the perfect leg accessory to spice up any boring dress or shorts and give that extra "WOW" factor to your outfit.  The garter is made of a simple piece of elastic garter band that discreetly holds the chains above your thigh and displays the chains on the front and back of your leg. Each garter is custom made. This sexy piece of leg jewellery can be yours for the price of  $139.00.

The last two items I'm going to be purchasing are these very unique rings one is by the brand Luv Low by Erin Wasson and the other ring is by the brand Luv AJ. 

The Low Luv by Erin Wasson Aztec silver finger ring is the perfect statement ring but is it perfect for stacking on other rings and accessories with it.  The ring features a silver aztec inspired design. This amazing statement ring can you yours for cheap price of $49.00 

The final ring i'm going to be talking about is the gorgeous antique gold cut out ring by Luv AJ. This unique and edge accessory this double ring is worn on one finger, sitting above and below the knuckle. The ring features two pieces of chain that connect the two rings and hangs on the side for a very edge and unique finish to any outfit. 
This ring can be yours the price of $109.00


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