Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Brooke Scher: My inspiration

Hey, Sorry I haven't posted in forever I've been crazy busy. So today's blog post is dedicated to one of Stella Hudgens friends Brooke Scher.

Brooke Ashley Scher was borin in sunny Los Angeles on February 10th 1992. She is the happiest when she's performing, Brooke's career started at only six months old, she landed the role of Stephanie, Jason Vorhees relative, in the cult classic movie "Jason Goes to Hell: Friday the 13th.

She has been dancing ever since she could stand on her own two feet, then became a competitive gymnast at the young age of five years old. Due to Brooke's heavy work out schedule, she was home schooled up until seventh grade. As a competitive gymnast, Brooke was the gold medal all around winner when she was seven years old at the state championships. At nine years old, Brooke entered the Junior Miss Fitness Competition where she took the title of "Junior Miss Fitness California" and second place at the world championships.

For middle and high school, Brooke attended performing arts academies where she performed in numerous musicals and dance shows. Brooke graduated a year early at the age of seventeen with honors. Brooke is now attending her first year of college, taking dance classes, recording her demo, and running her jewelry website www.BrookesBoutique.Ecrater.com.

 She still manages to keep in touch with her social life and most importantly, her fans. She is currently an internet sensation with over five thousand subscribers on youtube and over ten thousand followers on twitter! www.twitter.com/brooke_scher

You can contact brooke via her youtube channels. www.youtube.com/brookeshared and her latest youtube channel www.youtube.com/fadvice.

Brooke is not only known as an actress,singer,dancer,designer,youtuber, she is also known as a fashionista. Here a some of the outfits that have been sent to me from Brooke herself.

Brooke is 5' (1.52 m) tall. Her nicknames are
Here are some pics of Brooke that I love.

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