Sunday, 10 April 2011

I ♥♥♥ Anna Y

So today's blog post is dedicated to the amazing style of Anna Y aka the amazing annaversary!
 I am going to show you her amazing outfits and her amazing accessories .
My favorite thing this girl has that I seriously love is her handbag collection <3.
 Anna has the best fashion sense and accessories I have ever seen. 
Here are some of her amazing outfits she has worn and her amazing accessories. 
In this picture above Anna is wearing
  1. Lace vest
  2. Black tank top
  3. F21 jeans
  4.  RUEHL handbag

    In this picture Anna is wearing

  1. Denim shorts

  2. Fedora 

  3. Bracelets

  4. RUEHL handbag

  1. Black boots
  2. Plaid shirt
  3. F21 bag

I LOVE those sunglasses

  1. White tank top
  2. Gold coin/disc necklace
  3. RUEHL handbag
  4. Chinese Laundry Turbo boots 

I love this Soixante Neuf knuckle ring <3

Anna's accessories she is wearing are
  1. F21 elephant ring
  2. Silver knuckle ring
  3. Turquoise bracelet
  4. Black oversized ring
  5. 4 spike rings  

I love those Blu Moon sunglasses

I LOVE this bag <3 <3 <3 <3 

I love Chinese Laundry 

In the above picture Anna is wearing a Blu Moon skirt from Planet Blue
Havianas flip flops
H&M lace vest
VS tank top
 RUEHL handbag
F21 necklace

In the above picture Anna is wearing
Blu Moon skirt
Janis Free People hat
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag
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Melissa xoxo 

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