Saturday, 19 March 2011

Edge Of Urge

Hi guys,Sorry I've been MIA for a while been super busy but I'm back. Today's blog post is dedicated to the amazing store Edge Of Urge, Their store is based in Wilmington, North Carolina at 18 Market Street. Make sure you check out their store in the area or make sure you visit their online store at every piece you see on the website is handmade by Jessie Williams. You can either create your own feather earrings or you can buy the ones that are already made. Either way its going to be unique as not many people will have the exact item you do, it will leave people wanting to know where you got those amazing earrings. Jessie Williams' designs have recently been spotted time and time again on Vanessa Hudgens, she loves Jessie's feather earrings and ear cuffs so much that she made a ton of the feather earrings at the Edge of Urge store when she was filming a move in NC, that they have actually named a feather "Cluster" earring after Vanessa because it's like the one she wore at NYFW its called "The Vanessa".

Here is many other pictures of Vanessa rocking feather earrings from Edge of Urge.

In the above picture Vanessa is also wearing this Turquoise ear cuff as well as that amazing earring.

                              In the above picture Vanessa is wearing the sterling silver "V" ear cuff.

The reason for this blog is because I love Edge of Urge creations as I've recently bought some items myself from them.

I bought the Turquoise ear cuff,The Vanessa cluster earring and then I've been wanting a piece of hand jewerly since I seen Miley Cyrus rocking some while in Paris last September.

So I got my hands on this piece of jewelry its the Handmade ring bracelet from Remnant By Mimic

So I finally want to thank you so much Edge of Urge for their amazing designs.

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Melissa xoxo :)

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